The 5 piece Zarsoffs, featuring keyboardist Laurie from The Barstuds in his first gig with the band at Ambarvale Tavern, July 31, 2004

The five piece Zarsoffs at the end of the Austral Bowling Club gig, August 7th 2004


The Club Merrylands gig was a huge success for the Zarsoffs, at least as far as the punters were concerned. Support band Modular Lounge were fantastic (thanks ladies!) However, security staff detected the smell of dope in the backstage room, just before the Zarsoffs were due to take to the stage. Izzy (who doesn't imbibe these days - much to the surprise of fans who have offered him a puff, and to the Club Merrylands security staff, who automatically assumed that Izzy was the culprit because he was the hairiest and most irreverent in the room) asked band members for an explanation. Here is the story as presented: A fan had made his way backstage (there was no security on the band room door) with a joint, which he offered around, assuming that such bizarre persona as The Zarsoff Brothers would accept such an offer without hesitation. The incident will only serve to enhance the reputation of the band as the bad boys of rock, but it will not help with their quest to get gigs to promote the new album. Club Merrylands, despite the show being such a success, will not book The Zarsoffs again, and no amount of explanation will be considered. Is this Bali-style justice in Australia? However, the band presses on, and hopes their fan base will visit their local record stores and order the new album (it's distributed through MGM), so that record sales will generate the pressure for booking agents to book the band.

The Mayfield Hotel gig on July 23 was another success. The place wasn't full, but the punters were enthusiastic. Though it isn't huge, the venue has a true rock vibe, and seems to be the last bastion of live rock music in the Hunter area (as opposed to stadium entertainment) The Zarsoffs will be playing at Mayfield again, next time to launch the single All About You and perhaps record a live video of the evening. Stay posted.

The Cat & Fiddle gig on November 20 was a hoot. Opening act Snez is a great singer who presents mostly original songs in semi acoustic mode, who will be definitely supporting the Zarsoff Brothers at future gigs. Microphobia (the only other act to turn up on the day) are a great three piece band with their tongues shoved firmly in their cheeks lyrically, but smooth and tight musically. Maybe not Zarsoffian slapstick funny, but shrewd social observers.